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Caesars Sportsbook Account Locked or Suspended

If there is one thing that scares players as much as losing a bet, it’s getting the error message that your Caesars account is suspended or has been restricted. This is particularly frustrating when you’ve spent hours researching an upcoming NBA or NFL game but alas! You cannot access your account, let alone place a bet.

Caesars Entertainment is a renowned company in the gambling industry. With 54+ land-based casinos, and online sports betting market access in over a dozen states, it is undoubtedly one of the best and largest online betting companies in the US. While having a Caesars sportsbook account is a pathway to world-class sports betting, having your account restricted could be your worst nightmare. Accounts are placed on hold for several reasons, mainly because you breached Caesar’s terms of service. Given the lengthy terms of service, you might not even know you are violating the rules.

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To prevent your account from being locked, we’ve come up with likely violations and how to avoid them to keep your account in good standing. If it’s too late and your account is already limited, we’ve also got several methods you can use to resolve it.

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Possible Reasons for Suspended Caesars Sportsbook Account

It’s extremely frustrating for Caesars Sportsbook to suspend your account. Aside from preventing you from placing bets on your favorite team, you could also risk losing all your bankroll if you breach multiple terms of service. If you are wondering what could get your Caesars account locked, we’ve looked through the terms of services and the terms & conditions to bring out the 7 possible reasons Caesars can suspend your account.

Having More Than One Account

Caesars and US gambling law require players to have a single account per operator. This is done to ensure that players don’t have an unfair advantage over others regarding sportsbook bonuses and bets. If you are found to have more than one account, this can lead to account termination of all accounts involved. One of the ways Caesars enforce this rule is by cross-checking players’ data and IP addresses frequently. So, if multiple accounts are found to use the same IP address to log in or have the same information, all affected accounts would be limited, and you run the risk of losing all the funds in your account.

Incorrect or Outdated Account Information

To be able to have a functional sportsbook account at Caesars, players are required, according to number 6.9 of the term of service, to provide “true, current, correct, and complete” information when signing up. If during or after your registration, it was discovered you provided the wrong account details, this can get your account suspended, and all current services you have access to would be restricted.

While this is done by the sole discretion of Caesars’ server, you can reach out to customer support to know precisely what went wrong. If it’s a case of outdated documents or information like a driver’s license or ID card, you would be asked to update it. However, if it was discovered that you used false information and couldn’t provide the necessary, correct updates, you risk immediate account termination.

Caesars Account terms and conditions

Multiple Attempts to Login Using Wrong Details

Through no direct fault of your own, Caesars might lock your account if it notices any form of breach on your account. After signing up at Caesars, you must log in with your email and password every time. However, if the system notices multiple attempts to log in with the incorrect details, especially with a wrong password, your account will be flagged and placed on hold for suspicious login. This is because Caesars would assume a hacker is trying to gain access to your account, and to protect your privacy and account balance, your Caesars account would be restricted.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, Caesars Sportsbook has a 2-Factor Authentication. This extra layer of security will send a one-time code to your registered mail every time you attempt to log in. So, even if someone somehow gets a hold of your login details, you would still be protected against the breach or your account being placed on hold. To activate 2-FA on the Caesars mobile app or website, head to the security setting, enter your password to gain access, then scroll to where you’d find the 2-FA setting. Click on this option and select activate.

Using Proxy Servers or VPNs to Access Your Account

Caesars Sportsbook mobile app and website have an inbuilt geolocation softwareGeoComply – which checks your current physical location. If, during the verification, the system realizes you are using a VPN or proxy server, Caesars might place your account on hold as it means you are trying to bet or use the operator’s services from an illegal state. While Caesars Sportsbook and casino are legal in the US, only residents of AZ, CO, IA, IN, MI, NV, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA, WV, and DC are currently allowed to create Caesars accounts and bet on sports or play casino games.

Even though you can access and sign up for a new account anywhere in the US, I would strongly advise against using VPN or proxy servers to bet, no matter how good they seem. We’ve seen cases where active bets and even wins are terminated if found that it was placed through fraudulent means. If Caesars Sportsbook and Casino or online gambling are not legal in your state, you can sign up for one of the alternative legal online gambling sites which offer free casino games and sports betting.

You are Winning More than Usual

Online bookies want players to make money when they gamble. However, if you keep winning every stake you make, then it would raise a red flag. As stated in the anti-cheating policy number 34.3 of the Caesars term of use, Caesars Sportsbook and Casino has zero tolerance for anything that gives players an unfair advantage over others.

So, winning too often would pique the interest of Caesars’ anti-cheating software and could get your account restricted with immediate effect. Even if you are using perfectly legal betting strategies like arbitrage and no-risk match betting, online sportsbooks are known to limit accounts as it makes winning every gamble easier. So, what could be done in situations like this? You ask. To ensure your account is not placed on hold when you win too often through legal means, use the following methods:

  • Avoid betting on smaller or lesser-known markets
  • Always round up your bets
  • Don’t claim promotions too often
  • Set out to lose some bets

While the above can reduce the chance of getting your account suspended when you use legal betting strategies, the same cannot be said if you are outrightly cheating. According to Caesar’s unfair advantage policy, players who create an edge for themselves by colluding with other players, using bots or AI software to place bets, or cheating software, would have their account banned immediately. Caesars takes things further by launching an investigation, which could result in legal action against such players to recover all the winnings made through cheating.

Caesars Account policies

You are on Self-Exclusion

Caesars Sportsbook has one of the best responsible gaming features to help punters with gambling problems. If you have not violated any of the terms & conditions or other terms of use and still couldn’t place bets or access your account, it could be that your account is under self-exclusion. Self-exclusion is a responsible gaming feature at Caesars where players can request their account suspended to prevent further loss or addiction.

Even if you are sure you didn’t activate this feature, Caesars Sportsbook can activate the self-exclusion service on your behalf if they notice something off in your gambling activities.

Having an Inactive Account for a Long Time

Players are required to log into their Caesars accounts and make at least one deposit or bet a minimum of once every 120 days. If 120 days pass without activity, it becomes a dormant account and is deemed inactive. After 1 year of having a dormant account, Caesars Sportsbook would close down your account and delete your information from their database. For funds still available in your account, the support will try to contact you to withdraw them within a given grace period.

Accounts suspended for inactivity can still be logged in within 365 days. However, you’d have to create a new account or sign up at another online sportsbook after the account termination.

How to Restore Your Locked or Suspended Caesars Sportsbook Account

There are various ways to restore a restricted account, and while some can be done from your end, others would require that you contact the customer support team. Accounts suspended due to multiple failed login attempts can be resolved by changing your password. Also, if Caesars Sportsbook or Casino suspends your account for using proxy or other false location services, your account will automatically be restored once you turn off the VPN and the GeoComply software verifies that you are within a legal state.

For players whose accounts were locked due to more grievous offenses. Offenses like having multiple accounts, underage gambling, inconsistent activities, or even winning too often, and you feel the account restriction is unjust, you’d need to contact the customer support team to rectify this. You can reach the support team via their email: support@caesarssportsbook.com, and when sending in your query, we’d advise you to have all the necessary documents to help restore your account quickly. Documents like your ID, utility bill, and a screenshot of the error message you are getting would go a long way in helping you.

Response generally takes 24 hours, so you wouldn’t have to wait long. In addition to email, there is also a 24/7 live chat that is faster as it connects you to a live member of the customers’ support team. Alternatively, you can contact the customer support agent at 855-754-1200 to open a dispute regarding your restricted account. Regardless of if it’s your Caesars Casino or Sportsbook account that is locked, you are sure to find a solution through the means we’ve highlighted above.

Caesars reserves the right to temporarily suspend your account or permanently terminate it if you cannot prove your case or your violation is far more grievous.

Will Caesars Sportsbook Let You Register a New Account?

If there is no solution to lifting the ban on your account, you can open a new account at Caesars sportsbook or casino. However, to do this without flouting the multiple accounts rule, you need to first delete your previous account or accounts.

To do this, head to Caesars sportsbook by William Hill and open a dispute with customer support. After doing this, a support team member will contact you with the necessary process. When you receive an email that your account has been deleted, only then can you open a new account. To delete your account faster, you can contact the support agent through their toll-free phone number: 855-754-1200.

Other Options if Caesars Sportsbook Doesn’t Restore Your Suspended Account

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After Caesars Sportsbook or Casino suspend your account, they have the sole discretion to restore or make the account restriction permanent. While it is extremely frustrating to lose a betting account, there are, thankfully, several alternatives you can try.

If online gambling is legal in your state, you can try out some of the best IN sportsbooks we recommend below.

If you tried to play casino games from IN, it is illegal and no VPN will help. However, there are legal online gambling alternatives to DraftKings or Caesars Casino called sweepstakes casinos. These online gaming sites allow players to play casino games in Indiana like online slots, table games, sports betting, and so much more for free with the chance of winning real money sweepstakes casinos operate differently and are legal in all US states. Below are some of the best sweeps cash casinos where you can win real money.

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Why has my Caesars Sportsbook deposit been restricted?

Account suspended or restricted can be caused when you breach the Caesars Sportsbook terms or service. Actions like having multiple accounts, irregular or suspicious activities, or logging in with incorrect details numerous times can get your account suspended.

What to do if I am not allowed my Caesars Sportsbook account back?

If your account is permanently terminated, you can try out other renowned online gambling sites like DraftKings Sportsbook, PointsBet, and BetRivers Sportsbook.

What is the minimum age for gambling on Caesars Sportsbook?

You must be at least 21 years or older to gamble at Caesars sportsbook or casino legally. To ensure players adhere to this, a proof of age document would be required during account verification.

How long does Caesars Sportsbook suspension last?

This depends on the reason your account was suspended in the first place. Generally, it can take between 24-72 hours; however, it could take longer if you cannot provide the necessary documents.

Will I lose my Caesars Sportsbook rewards for a locked account?

No. A restricted account means you wouldn’t be able to access your account or certain sportsbook features. If you are unable to resolve this issue or your account is terminated, all your Caesars rewards can neither be transferred nor used, so you’d have no choice but to forfeit them. The same goes for the money in your account.

What to do if my Caesars Sportsbook account is hacked?

If your account is ever hacked, we’d advise that you contact the support team immediately through live chat, email, or phone number. Also, you can activate the 2-Factor authentication to ensure your account is never hacked again.

Why did Caesars Sportsbook ban my account?

Your Caesars account could be banned for various reasons like self-excluding, responsible gaming features, multiple failed login attempts, or breaking one or more terms and conditions.

How can I contact Caesars Sportsbook customer support?

You can contact support regarding account restrictions or any query through their email, phone number, or live chat. The email support takes about 24 hours to respond to your email.

How to unlock Caesars Sportsbook account?

To resolve a restricted account, you need to contact customer support to know what caused your account to be placed on hold and how to lift the ban. Depending on what caused it in the first place, you might be asked to change your password or provide additional means of identification.

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