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LuckyLand Slots Hack

With over 50 free online slots, LuckyLand Slots is a popular sweepstakes casino where players from all over the United States can play Vegas-style slot games without necessarily making a purchase or spending a dime.

LuckyLand Casino Cheats

Aside from having a plethora of games, players also can win real money, which is one of the reasons people are endlessly seeking hacks to increase their wins. Since you are also here, we’ll assume you are also on a quest to find the Holy Grail hack to LuckyLand Slots. In this article, we will be taking you through legal hacks that will take you from an inexperienced player to an expert with an endless winning streak.

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The Two-Step LuckyLand Slots Hack System

Before Indiana casinos and slots expanded to the virtual world, gamblers have been looking for ways to have the edge over the house when playing. People researched how to time the jackpot, and a few were able to hack the system thanks to rigged slot machines. With the advent of online casinos, players seeking casino action also have their eyes peeled for something that could get them winning. Still, more often than not, it turns out all the hacks they’ve learned do not work due to the lack of patterns and randomness online slots follow.

The same goes for LuckyLand Slots, even though it’s a sweepstakes online casino. LuckyLand Slots’ games use an RNG (Random Number Generator), ensuring that results neither follow a combination nor a pattern. While this means that all the Vegas-style slot games at this sweepstake site are fair, it also makes it impossible to hack or cheat.

However, after hours of research and even longer hours of looking into and playing at LuckyLand Slots, we have developed a two-hack system that would greatly improve your casino action. While you wouldn’t be winning with every spin you make, you can certainly make more gold coins or sweepstakes coins in the long run at LuckyLand Slots. Since you can redeem cash prizes at this online casino, you are up to making good money. So what is the two-hack system? Well, here they are.

Hack System 1 – The More is Better LuckyLand Slots Hack

LuckyLand Slots Strategy

  • Play Games with High RTP: As a slots lover, you must have heard the term Return to Players thrown around multiple times. Maybe you know about it, maybe you don’t, but for this first cheat, you need to know what it entails. RTP refers to the percentage edge players have when it comes to slots or any casino game. Online casinos’ slots have a standard RTP of 96%, which means players can win up to $960 on every $1,000. Even though 96% is the industry standard for real money gambling and social casino gaming slots, some slot machines have even RTP higher than this. Having known this, this legal cheat requires that you play slot games that have 96% or above industry standard RTP; that way, you are more likely to win coins more often.
  • The Higher the Paylines, the Better: While the “less is more principle” work for most things in life, free slots paylines is not one of them. In fact, the opposite is the truth in this LuckyLand Slots cheat. All the slot games at LuckyLand slots app operates differently, and one of the ways they differ is their paylines. Paylines refer to the total winning combinations one can land during a spin that will trigger a payout. While some, like the Stellar Wilds slot, have a meager 20 paylines, others like Atlantis 10k Ways by Reel Play have about 10,000 paylines. So, with many paylines in place, the probability of hitting a payout is highly on your side.

Similarly, LuckyLand slots can either have fixed or adjustable paylines. For fixed paylines, you wouldn’t have to worry as you will be playing all the available lines simultaneously. However, if you are playing adjustable paylines, don’t be tempted to reduce the active lines, as this would deter this cheat from working.

  • High Volatility Games: Many shy away from high volatility slots games because of the risk that comes with them. However, this is a gold mine you should definitely explore as one of the LuckyLand Slots cheats. Free slot games that fall into the low and medium volatility games are less risky but wouldn’t give you as much reward as would be worth your time. On the other hand, high volatility slots are where you can win big. Whether you are playing for fun or to win real money, high volatility slot games offer great rewards, but to really master this trick, you must be patient as wins don’t come frequently when playing a high volatility slot game.

If you are a beginner, this kind of slot might be overwhelming, so we advise starting with a medium volatility slot and then working your way up. Medium volatility LuckyLand slots are less risky, and they provide considerable winnings frequently.

  • The Higher the Denomination The Higher the Returns: LuckyLand players have access to various games with different bet levels, and many would prefer to start playing games with lower bet levels to play longer, but the opposite is what this hack is about. Candidly, slot games with low denominations are causal players’ haven as they keep things interesting for a long time, but the same can’t be said when it comes to winning virtual coins. Games that have a higher cost per spin or line are the ones you can win coins the most. So, the cheat is playing games with high bet levels to get high winnings. Another edge this gives as a player is that you can climb the VIP ladder at LuckyLand Slots faster, and that would give you access to exclusive bonuses you can use to increase your winnings. The amount you should use in wagering is not set in stone; so far you aren’t betting as little as possible.
  • Jackpot Slots: Either progressive or fixed, jackpot slots are known for giving lucky players ridiculous wins. So, instead of playing regular slots, you should play jackpot slots where you have the chance of triggering the mini-games that would lead to the jackpot round. Luckily, LuckyLand Slots has several jackpot slots, with most of them having up to four different jackpots you can trigger during the game.

Hack System 2 – LuckyLand Slots Bonuses & Cheat Codes

LuckyLand Daily Cheats

  • Utilize Available Promotions: LuckyLand slot is a sweepstakes site known for its many promotions. Whether you are a new player or an existing one, there are several bonuses available at the site that you can use as legal hacks at this online to win free coins.
  • In-Game Bonuses Are Perfect Leverage to Make More: Slot machines are popular for many reasons, one of which is the bonus rounds that could be triggered when playing. These bonuses differ from sweepstakes online casinos’ as they are only available during slots gameplay. The Las Vegas slot machines at LuckyLand Slots have different bonuses covering multipliers and free spins. To hack LuckyLand Slots via this cheat, you will only play slots with many in-game bonuses.

How do I know which is which? We hear you ask. Well, this social casino has made things easy for you. Once you open a game as if you want to play, click on the “i” icon to check the bonuses available on the game and how to trigger the bonus rounds. It might take time to find slots that award free spins and multipliers, but when you find one, you can be sure to get freebies that would allow you to spin more rounds or increase coins won at LuckyLand.

5 Additional Pro Tips to get you Winning Every Time at LuckyLand Slots

LuckyLand Hacks and Tips

Learn How the Game Works: One of the things that causes players’ downfall when playing games, especially new slot games they haven’t played before, is thinking all games are the same. While the gameplay might be somewhat similar, LuckyLand slots have different mechanics which award payout, free spins, and multipliers distinctively. Because of this, it is always best to read up on a free casino game you want to play before setting out to play it. You can easily do this by pressing the “i” icon in a specific game to get all the necessary information.

Practice Before you Wager: Reading about a game you want to play is great, but seeing how it works firsthand will give you an incredible edge. This allows you to figure out how often slots-free bonuses work, how frequent payouts are, and much more. While a play doesn’t guarantee future success, it can offer a close representation of what to expect. Likewise, by test running a game, you will be able to figure out if you can easily use the legal LuckyLand Slots cheats we’ve shared on it or not.

Have a Budget and Stick to It: Greed is the number one enemy of online gambling, and while sweepstake games are not the same as real money gambling, the same logic applies. As we’ve said before, using the hacks mentioned above will not make every spin you make a winning spin. However, they will improve your winning chances incredibly in the long run, so all you have to do is ensure that your play session is longer. To do this, have a budget – the number of sweeps or gold coins you are willing to part with – and divide it by the number of spins you want to take. Also, awarded free spins will count to keep your casino action going. By doing this, you would never be on the losing side when playing games at LuckyLand slot mobile casino app.

Claim and Use all Promotions: LuckyLand is known to give generous free coin bonuses, and they rarely have any wagering requirement. Promotions are meant to be leveraged by players to get free gifts, gold, and sweep coins. While not claiming all the available bonuses wouldn’t deter you from winning, so far, you use the legal hacks; claiming and using them will make winnings far easier for you.

How to Play Free Games at LuckyLand Slots and Win Real Cash Prizes

LuckyLand Slots Hack Top Tip

Claim Free Sweepstake Coins Daily: After signing up and getting the welcome bonus of 7,777 Gold coins and 10 Sweeps coins, players are also awarded free sweeps cash coins for simply logging in every 24 hours. On the first six days after registration, you will be awarded 0.30 free. On the seventh day, a whopping 1 free sweep coin will be credited to your account regardless of whether you are using the website or mobile casino app to make a total of 2.8 sweep coins for only signing up to your account. While this might seem small, you’d change your mind when you realize that 1 sweeps coin equals $1.

Claim Gold Coins Every Four Hours: LuckyLand Slots awards players 400 gold coins every 4 hours to continue with free slot play. The free coins can be claimed by pressing the “Claim” button, and the amount will automatically be added to your account. To make the most of this promotion, it’s best to get the mobile casino app and activate the push notification to alert you when it’s time to claim your next free coins.

Earn Extra Gold Coins and Sweeps Coin Playing Tournaments: Now and then, there is a tournament going on at LuckyLand Slots. Unlike other casinos where you can compete with players in multiplayer mode, the LuckyLand Slots tournament only requires that you play the games available during the event and try to climb the leadership board. The LuckyLand tournament is interesting because you don’t have to come out at the top to win free gifts. Regardless of your rank or position, when the tournament is over, you’d be awarded free sweeps cash, gold coins, or XP boost multipliers.

Purchase Gold Coins to receive Redeemable Sweepstakes Coins: For every time you purchase gold coins, regardless of the amount, a specified amount of sweep coins will be awarded to you as a free bonus. You can use the free sweepstake coins to play online slots to win more which you can use to redeem cash prizes.

Play Instant Win Games: Instant Wins is a special category in this online casino. It’s like the Funzpoints Casino hack involving a daily bonus wheel, only that you play with gold coins, and it offers much more rewards. With as low as 1,000 gold coins, you can play any instant win games and stand a chance to win huge sweepstakes or gold coins. What’s more, for every win, you get a double-or-nothing option where you stake your win for a chance at a much bigger reward. What makes the instant win exciting is that your odds of winning something is 1 in 2.86. The games in this category can give up to 25,000 sweepstakes coins.


Can I win real money at LuckyLand Slots?

Yes, you can win actual money at LuckyLand Slots. All you have to do is amass sweepstakes coins using the hacks above. Sweepstakes coins are special coins you can convert to money that will be sent to your bank account.

Do the hacks work every time?

Yes, although not every time. The hacks we’ve discussed are legal ways of cheating LuckyLand Slots by using the system in your favor. So, while you wouldn’t hit a payout with every spin, you will still be winning often.

Do I have to play on the app or website to use these hacks?

There is no constraint when it comes to using the above cheats as they work on both website and app. However, due to ease and accessibility, we’d advise that you download the amazing app on your android or iPhone. That way, you can save your game progress easily and be alerted in real-time for generous free coin bonuses.

How many games can I use the hacks on?

You can use the hacks on any LuckyLand Slots games and just about any online slot machine. However, we’d advise you to be extra careful with jackpot slots as they tend to be tricky as some require you to play the mini-games while some do not trigger a pot.