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Matched Betting USA Explain: Learn How to Match Bet for Profit

Matched Betting No-Risk

Matched betting, sometimes referred to as double betting, is one of the most prevalent ways of making some cash betting online.

Many people are always wondering about the best ways of making money gambling online. However, matched betting is not actually gambling. It is important to note that matched betting USA is a type of betting system regularly used by bettors worldwide to profit from promotions and free bets offered by bookmakers.

Following the repeal of PASPA, online gaming and sports betting is now legal in many states across the US. Players can access websites offering odds on a wide range of sporting events. This had led to many Americans to seek different strategies of how to make money betting. Consequently, matched betting USA sites have snowballed in recent years. Numerous sportsbooks and gambling websites offer incentives such as a sign-up bonus or bonus bets, so these are a great way to make money online if used correctly.

Bettors have developed many different betting strategies to try and beat the bookie. You may have come across phrases such as profit accumulator, matched betting calculator, lay bets, arbitrage betting, value betting, and more. Becoming a matched bettor is not complicated but does require some level of research. There is no unique betting software involved, you just need to join a betting site and place a qualifying bet. Bet matching presents many betting opportunities where some will claim you can make a guaranteed profit.

This guide covers all of the different factors of matched betting in the USA. We will look at what matched betting is, the best-matched betting sites, how to make money through matched betting, a betting exchange, dutch betting in the US, and why this betting technique is so popular.

No-Risk Matched Betting USA

Matched betting is a viable method of turning free bets into real money. Bettors must cover all the potential outcomes of a particular wager. They do this by placing numerous bets. By wagering using this method, the bet is attractive to many bettors.

What Is Matched Betting?

A common question from people looking at making money online or just starting their sports betting experience is what is matched betting? Many people do not know how to match bet. This form of gambling is completely different from standard betting, so comparing types of bets such as moneyline and props isn’t useful when choosing which operator to use. Even though the phrase includes the word ‘betting’ in it, it implies a chance of losing money. However, the no-chance element is what you should notice here, and for good reason.

Matched betting is a form of betting in which players must follow a set of guidelines and procedures to make sure they see a profit. Players will place numerous wagers simultaneously, which minimizes the chance and ensures any losses are covered. You should also have a good understanding of how to read football odds as well before placing any bets online.

This type of betting does not focus on the outcome of a specific sporting event but instead on the profits earned from bonuses. It might seem a complicated method to those new to bet betting or are just about to get started; however, it is a way of covering yourself, so you don’t lose.

Additionally, you don’t necessarily have to be a seasoned gambler or regular bettor to make money through matched betting. As long as you are comfortable using a sports betting app, match betting app, or visiting a matched betting USA website, you can win a decent amount of money. As more people want to make money and the number of matched bettors continues to grow, more tips and insider knowledge are available than ever before.

Consequently, people believe that matched betting is extremely difficult to grasp, which is certainly not the case. The most important thing is to make sure you remain disciplined and always follow the structure and following the process, regardless of the outcome. There is no ‘getting started’ guide with matched betting, just an endless list of guidelines and rules which must always be followed. This process is the same for new players and regular bettors.

There is a plethora of matched betting USA sites available, so you don’t need to look far to get started. Gambling in the USA has become widespread, meaning numerous US sportsbooks are offering a variety of promotions.

Best Matched Betting Sites

There are now lots of legal US sportsbook operators online who have matched betting sites. It can be challenging to pick the right one. There are numerous online gambling sites free bets, so make sure you select the ones that work within matched betting rules. Most bonuses and incentives offered by online sportsbooks and betting sites are temporary, so they will continuously change. Consequently, if you are looking to place a bet, keep track of the offerings. For example, if you are located in Indiana, look out for IN free bets bonuses.

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It is worth researching what bookmakers offer daily as you could come across one bonus that perfectly fits the bill. Otherwise, there are several dedicated matched betting USA sites that provide a collective of data taken from all legal online sportsbooks, which makes the process even more straightforward for bettors.

We must point out that bookies do not like matched betting. Like all businesses, they want to make a profit, and if players are exploiting them by getting around the system, that is not good news for them. They may offer a free bet to get new customers on board, but they don’t want those customers to use a betting technique to make a lot of money from them.

Because of this, bookmakers may place a ban on accounts or put a restriction on your activity. Regular bettors stress this is unlikely, and most don’t receive a ban. However, it is always worth reading the terms and conditions of each website before you begin wagering.

How Do You Make Money With Matched Bets?

This is the golden question, ‘realistically, how much money can you make from matched betting’? The answer is, it varies depending on how invested each bettor is in the process and how much work you are willing to put in. Generally, most people use this betting technique to supplement their primary income, although not everyone. People in the industry have said you can make up to as much as $4,000 per month.

Those who have a lot of free time, such as students, can really benefit from matched betting. You won’t become a millionaire overnight, but it is a fantastic way to make an extra bit of money. The amount of money you make will entirely depend on the amount of time you put into your online gambling sessions.

Matched betting in the USA is based around promotions offered from sportsbooks. Fortunately, these promotions are constants as each operator attempts to sign-up new customers. Ultimately, the players are the winners as there is so much choice.

Matched Betting Example

Let’s take a look at a basic example of a matched betting example. So you have claimed your betting offers and want to wager on a English Premier League game between Chelsea and Tottenham.

You claim your free bet which you use to predict a home win. You then cover the away win and a tie to the right stakes so you come out of the wager with more cash than you staked. This means the result of the game, the scorers, incidents etc are not important. You just need the final whistle to see if you have made a little profit.

Typically the result won’t affect your back bet because you have locked in a profit regardless of the outcome. For example, if Chelsea win you would get a $200 profit, a tie is $250 and a Tottenham win would give you $150.

Betting Exchanges In USA

There are no betting exchanges in the United States as they would be limited to single states. So, if you were going to use a betting exchange to make a bonus bet, this could be tricky. However, another method you could use is dutch betting.

Instead of placing a lay bet, you could use two bookmakers and play them against each other. Players must enter the odds into a dutch calculator, and similar to a matched bet, the calculator will tell you how much money to wager at each bookmaker. This means you can reduce the chance and redeem your free bet without using a betting exchange.


Is matched betting legal in the US?

Yes, any state offering online legal online sports betting, such as Indiana, Illinois, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, can be used for matched betting.

What is no-risk matched betting USA?

This form of betting, otherwise known as a lay bet or a back bet, involves placing two separate wagers on the same event, reducing the risk. You place one wager at a typical sportsbook and another at a betting exchange.