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Problem placing a bet with FanDuel? Here is how you fix the FanDuel Sportsbook app

FanDuel Sportsbook Not Working

As one of the most popular sports betting apps in the US, you would think the FanDuel app would also be one of the most reliable. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and a lot of bettors are reporting problems with their FanDuel app not working.

These issues are preventing customers from logging in to their accounts, the app crashing or not loading at all, difficulties confirming players’ location, and other such problems.

FanDuel Sportsbook has very quickly become one of the most prominent names in the online sports betting business. Players located in states offering legal sports gambling, such as Indiana, New Jersey, Kansas, New York, and Pennsylvania, sign up to play their Daily Fantasy Sports Contests and take advantage of their numerous betting options. However, as good as the FanDuel mobile app is, there will be occasions where you will encounter technical issues which lead to the FanDuel sportsbook app not working. These problems can go further than live scoring down or a market being temporarily unavailable.

There is nothing more frustrating than logging into your account, excited to place a bet, and seeing a ‘FanDuel not working’ or ‘FanDuel service unavailable; please try again later error message. This may lead customers to search the internet to ask is FanDuel down? or see if other users are also experiencing issues with the sportsbook.

Fix FanDuel Sportsbook App

In this guide, we will inform you of some fixes to get you back to betting. If the FanDuel sportsbook is down or keeps crashing, it could be for several reasons: location services, login not working on the app, or a complete FanDuel outage. We know if you do come across issues, ultimately, you will just be interested in knowing when will the sportsbook be working again.

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On this page, we provide a list of standard solutions that work for numerous operators and betting apps. It’s always best practice for any serious bettor to use 2 or 3 apps just in case you have problems like this with 1 book, you always have a backup. BetMGM & Caesars Sportsbook both offer a fantastic mobile wagering app (and a new player bonus).

FanDuel provides some fantastic promos in the app and is always good for a bonus offer or free bet. However, the operator isn’t foolproof and not without their problems. You will notice some of the things that happen with the DraftKings app as well. Let’s look at the main FanDuel sportsbook app issues on Android & iPhone and how you can fix them.

What To Do When FanDuel Sportsbook App Stops Working?

The first thing to say is you are not alone. It is very common, and as we mentioned above, with DraftKings, it occasionally happens with most sportsbooks.

Step 1 – Is the FanDuel Sportsbook available in your state?

The good news is, FanDuel is available to download and wager in more states than most other US operators. However, they are not available in every state. Certain states only allow in-person wagering at a retail sportsbook, while others only permit one operator. Additionally, some states have yet to introduce sports betting, and betting is still illegal in others. To check if you are in a restricted location, head to www.sportsbook.fanduel.com. Please be aware if you are wondering how to get around FanDuel restrictions regarding location, this isn’t possible.

FanDuel Legal States: AZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, MA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TN, VA, WV, and WY.

If you are not in one of the states where the sportsbook is available, you will see the error message “FanDuel restricted location”.

Step 2 – Experiencing Location Issues

If you are constantly noticing the FanDuel location error, then you could be experiencing sportsbook geolocation problems. Sportsbooks use geolocation technology to pinpoint your location and prove you are physically in a legal betting state. You can open the app and create an account in a state with no legal wagering, but you won’t be able to bet using the app. It is also going to settings, privacy, location services, and ensuring they are switched on.

If you are still having problems, we have a guide dedicated to fixing geolocation problems that you need to check out. Make sure you are using the proper version of Android and that your iPhone has no jailbreak software on there, as this will interfere with location settings.

Step 3 – Make sure you have good Internet coverage

Always check you have strong WiFi or cell coverage. You could test this by trying to browse the web to ensure your cell is sending and receiving data. You could be in a blackspot, or that you have disconnected and are unaware.

FanDuel signal problems

Step 4 – Is FanDuel down today?

The issue you are facing may not be unique to your FanDuel betting app. The whole FanDuel website and app could be down. Like any technology or website, this does happen. For example, FanDuel may be going through server issues, and if they are, unfortunately, you have no choice but to wait it out. This is one of the main reasons why it would be helpful to use two or three different betting apps, so if there is a problem with one, you have a backup. PointsBet and BetMGM are brilliant alternatives to FanDuel if you want a substitute choice.

Step 5 – Is the FanDuel sportsbook app running slow?

Apps running slow are now just a way of life. As we rely on them more and more, we tend to notice when they are flagging or only chugging along. If you find your FanDuel app running slower than normal, force stop the app and all the apps you’re running. Your phone may be low on memory. You may also be using an older version of the app, which has since been updated to run faster.

Occasionally there are more customers using the sportsbook than normal. When this happens (think Super Bowl, March Madness), there can be extra pressure put on the serv

Slow FanDuel app

er, causing the app and website to run slow. There may be a technical issue with the server or software the app runs on. You also need to check your cell signal and make sure it’s not just your internet running slow.

Step 6 – Is your FanDuel account well maintained?

It may not be the app stopping you from being able to place bets, but rather your betting account. Can you log in to the regular desktop site or mobile site? If you can’t, then you need to get the FanDuel customer service number and get in touch with them. Head to sportsbook.fanduel.com and access the contact page.

Your account with the sportsbook could be closed for a number of reasons. Have you contacted them and asked them to close your FanDuel account? There may be multiple accounts in your name, you may have signed up with some information that doesn’t stack up, you may have requested for your account to be closed, or your account could have been compromised. It’s always best to check with customer support. If you face a suspended FanDuel account, then it is possible to re-open it.

Step 7 – Not able to get past the login screen

If you can load the app on your mobile device without any problem, get to the login page, enter the correct details, and you still can’t get past the login page; this is an issue on the FanDuel mobile app or site. There is nothing you can do in this instance except ride it out.

Additionally, this may happen if you are trying to use a VPN to bet with FanDuel. The operator has technology in place to identify users attempting to use a VPN to try and spoof your location. Simply put, if you aren’t in a legal state, then you can’t bet. Trying to get around this can result in your account becoming suspended or suffering a permanent ban.

Seamless login error is one of the more common terms you may see when trying to sign in to your FanDuel account. You have the right username and password, but now it seems no matter what you do, you just can’t log in. When this happens, force close the app and open it up again. This has worked for us to cure the problem most of the time. The times it hasn’t, we have gone and placed our bet with BetMGM instead.

Although there is no official FanDuel  Sportsbook status page to see if the site or app is not working, it is worth checking social media platforms. The operator will likely keep customers updated on any problems via their Twitter handle. You can follow them at – @FDSportsbook

Step 8 – FanDuel not working on your Apple watch?

We have received numerous messages from people claiming that this is a problem. It can be caused by not updating your device with the latest iOS update on the app, your watch, or your iPhone. We recommend ensuring you are using the latest version of all 3, restart your devices, and try again.

Pairing Apple watch & iPhone

Step 9 – Make sure you are entering the correct username and password

We have all been there, trying to log into websites and forgetting our usernames or password. It is no surprise these days as many people have hundreds of passwords for various sites, apps, games, and online platforms. If the mobile app isn’t working, as with any online setting, try a password reset and see if that solves the issue.

Step 10 – Are there funds in your betting account?

If you have a DFS and sports betting FanDuel account, it may be that all of your funds are in your DFS account and not in your betting wallet. To correct this, log in and transfer your money over.

Add funds FanDuel betting account

Step 11 – Do you have the latest version of the app?

Do you know if you are using the latest FanDuel Sportsbook Android or iPhone app? For iOS users, make sure you head to the iTunes app store. For Android customers, the Google Play Store now allows gambling apps so that you can check the status of your app there. You can also download the apps from the links on the FD sports betting site at sportsbook.fanduel.com.

Update FanDuel sportsbook Google Play

FanDuel not updating odds is a common problem on older versions of the app. This can easily be fixed by downloading the latest version from iTunes, Google Play, or directly from  sportsbook.fanduel.com. Even if you are running the latest release of the app, you may still find that some lines don’t update, which is a notorious problem with the book. We have always found PointsBet updates more frequently.

FanDuel active bets not showing

One of the great things about the FanDuel sportsbook app is that you can manage your bets easily. Being able to look at all of your active and settled bets is a great tool for bankroll management and general housekeeping. However, occasionally when playing on the app you may notice that some if your active bets are not showing. If you visit the My Bets section and your active and settled bets are not listed, you may become frustrated.

One of the solutions to this is to try and uninstall the app and then install it again. Although this may seem a simple resolution, you would be surprised how often this works. We know it can be annoying when you place a parlay and you are waiting for that final leg to come in, but it does not show in the my bets section. This seems to be a particular problem when using the app.

If uninstalling the app doesn’t work, we suggest contacting the FanDuel customer service team if the issue persists.

FanDuel Sportsbook alternatives

If you have followed all the steps above and haven’t managed to resolve your problem, then you may be ready to try a new sportsbook. We can highly recommend any of these operators below, all of whom yield hundreds of ways to bet legally, and safely each day. As well as offering up a great free bet promo offer to new customers, you can also wager on a massive choice of spots on several bet types, including in-game betting, props, and futures markets.

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Undoubtedly, FanDuels’ main rival for both DFS and sports betting is none other than DraftKings. We have a great comparison of the apps to see who comes out on top on our FanDuel Sportsbook app vs. DraftKings Sportsbook app guide.

These problems are not unique to the FanDuel app. We also have guides to fixing the DraftKings app and one for issues with the BetRivers app if you have problems with these books too.

Eligibility issue reports on FanDuel

If you have been getting the “eligibility issue you are not registered in this context” error message, you are not alone. The latest issue with FanDuel seems to be this huge problem that existing customers are being told their account isn’t registered to play. As players who have seen this ourselves, it’s very annoying.

So what is the fix? Well, the bad news up until now is that we haven’t found one, and we are waiting on support to get back to us. In the meantime, we are using DraftKings and BetMGM until the issue can be put to bed.

you are not registered in this context

Can’t place a bet with FanDuel

Sometimes the app may be working fine, but no matter what you try, you just can’t place a bet with FanDuel. There is never an easy explanation for this, but it may be that you have a limit on your account. If you have been placing lots of successful, winning bets recently, the operator may limit your account. Sportbooks don’t like good bettors. If you go on a winning streak, you may get your account restricted. When this happens, you will be barred from certain markets and maybe even certain teams and sports.

Can you get around this? Well, yes, you can, but only by switching to another book. Take a look above for some suitable alternatives.

Bet Rejected with FanDuel

Another common issue we encounter is noticing the code FanDuel price is not valid, also known as Bet Rejected. As we had never come across this before, we didn’t understand what it meant or how it could be resolved. However, after doing some research, we found out that it is a delay in the odds updating. For example, if you have been waiting on a wager or ticket for a while, and then when you come to submit the wager, the price has shifted, either up or down, you will be presented with the Bet Rejected – Price Not Valid message. If this error consistently appears, you really should swap to somewhere with a more seamless experience, such as BetMGM or WynnBet.

We spend a lot of time betting, testing, and using online sportsbooks and betting apps, and have to say, this is one of the most frustrating messages we have encountered recently. Of course, sportsbooks change their prices constantly, but even if you click and confirm you accept the changes, you still cannot place the bet. The error message appears when FanDuel has changed the odds, and a new price is available.

Even though you are happy with that and click to say that is ok, you still cannot add the bet to your betslip. This is a significant glitch on the FanDuel website, and unfortunately, there is no other way to resolve it other than to jump ship and use another sportsbook.

Working through this troubleshooting guide will cover 99% of the problems with the FanDuel app and should get you back betting again soon.

Is FanDuel Sportsbook legal in Indiana?

Yes! FanDuel is legal in Indiana state. You can bet on your favorite teams without any problems in the state of Indiana.

Where is FanDuel Sportsbook legal?

FanDuel Sportsbook first launched in the US in New Jersey on September 1, 2018, and has since been online in several states, including Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia, Michigan, Arizona, Connecticut, and most recently, New York, Louisiana, Wyoming and Kansas in 2022.

How to fix FanDuel Sportsbook Error Code 414?

To resolve the error code 414, you need to accept the latest terms and conditions. Until then, you cannot use the FanDuel Sportsbook.

Why you can't connect your bank to FanDuel Sportsbook account?

If you cannot connect your bank account with the FanDuel Sportsbook account, and you get this message: "Sorry, we are unable to connect your bank at this time. Please try again later." may be the following problem: Your bank may have blocked you from making payments to FanDuel, as some major banks (Bank of America, etc.) do not allow deposits on FanDuel Sportsbook. Your bank may have temporarily restricted online transactions.

Why can't I log into my FanDuel account?

There are several methods to check why you cannot log in to your FanDuel account. These are:

  1. Make sure you are in a legal state - You must be in the states where FanDuel is legal. These states are: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia, Michigan, Arizona, Connecticut, New York, Louisiana, Wyoming, and Kansas.

  2. Make sure your account is still active - Check if your account has been closed for one reason or another by FanDuel.

  3. Have you got good coverage on your device? - Check if your device is correctly connected to the Internet.

  4. Are you using the latest version of the app? - Check if you have the latest version of the FanDuel app. If not, you should update it to the latest version.

  5. Uninstall the app and try again - If the problem is not solved, reinstall your app.

  6. Contact the support team - If you still can't connect after trying all the options, please contact the FanDuel support team.

FanDuel not letting you bet?

If you cannot place a bet on FanDuel, check the following to solve the problem:

  • FanDuel may have blocked your account betting because you won too much

  • You abused a bonus, and FanDuel blocked your right to bet.

  • Contact the FanDuel support team to see your account status.

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