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March Madness 2024

Looking to wager on this year’s March Madness? We run down the best legal sportsbook & betting apps with our March Madness betting guide.

Betting on March Madness this year will be bigger than any previous year. With the whole event taking place in Indiana, we look at the best betting options for this year’s NCAA tournament.

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It will come as no surprise to people that the Super Bowl is the most significant betting event every year in the United States. However, what may come as a surprise to many is that the second biggest is the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Otherwise known as March Madness, the whole country gets gripped with the event. The competition involves 64 teams playing over three successive weekends as they attempt to declare themselves the best college basketball team around.

March Madness 2024 is upon us, and everybody is preparing to look at past winners and looking at how to bet on March Madness this year. Bettors really enjoy getting involved with this NCAA tournament and often work together to fill out bracket pools with friends, family, and work colleagues. However, bracket pools only account for half of the $10 billion in bets March Madness takes in each year. The rest of the money comes from people betting on team futures and March Madness games before they happen. There are also numerous other March Madness bets and bet types that people can use.

March Madness betting guide

If you are searching for more March Madness gambling options other than simply filling out your bracket and losing on the opening day of the tournament, Indiana sports betting apps provide a plethora of ways to bet on the action. In addition to NCAA bracket betting, there are several wagering options as the action unfolds from the first four until the final four. There are 16 games a day in the first and second rounds of the tournament, so you won’t be struggling for options if you want to bet on March Madness.

If you are looking for the best bets on March Madness, March Madness odds, how to win money in March Madness, and the best IN sportsbook apps, you will find all of that key information on this page.

How To Wager On March Madness Online In Indiana

Online sports betting is now legal and active across Indiana. There are over 12 live retail sportsbooks and casinos in the Hoosier State that accept betting on March Madness. However, there is no need to travel to one of these locations if you want to get involved.

As long as you are physically located within state lines and over the legal gambling age, betting on NCAA March Madness is straightforward. All of the betting sites will offer comprehensive betting odds from the first round to the last. For example, DraftKings March Madness will have point spread and March Madness futures options.

Additionally, each sportsbook will provide numerous NCAA March Madness lines, and their odds will reflect who has the best chance of winning March Madness.

How To Create An Online Betting Account In Indiana

Registering for an online betting account in Indiana is efficient and straightforward. First, you need to decide which sportsbook(s) you want to sign up for. Have a look at the online sportsbooks on this page and select the most attractive one for you.

Once you click one of our links, you can then register for your account. You will need to pick a username and password, which are used to verify your identity. Other details required include your name, email, address, date of birth, and last four digits of your social security number.

All modern online sportsbooks have a dedicated mobile app that can be downloaded to iOS and Android devices. One of the perks of using an app is that you can wager from anywhere in the state. Additionally, the innovative features of modern apps allow players to tor track their bets and gamble on the go.

Make sure you claim any welcome bonuses and promotions. Most sportsbooks offer excellent welcome bonuses to get some extra money in your account in addition to free bets that don’t require a deposit. Finally, you will need to fund your account with any of the accepted payment methods listed by the operator. Once those steps have been completed, you can enjoy taking advantage of those Vegas odds on March Madness.

March Madness Betting Options At Indiana Sportsbooks

It doesn’t matter if you prefer betting on a one-game basis, filling out a bracket placing exotic props and futures bets; all will be available on legal IN sportsbook apps. Although they aren’t the most profitable, betting sites offer March Madness bracket pools, free competitions, and March Madness betting games.

If you want to fill out a bracket, you must pick the winner of every game of this NCAA tournament before it begins. The winners of a bracket competition are those who have the most amount of points when it finishes. Typically, this means selecting the right winner having multiple Final Four teams correct. However, if any teams you choose to go far in the tournament go out early, your bracket then becomes ‘busted.’

If you are betting game-by-game, you have the option of covering a team on a point spread, betting on an outright winner, or wagering on the over/under total points in the game. March Madness games are the same as betting on any regular season NBA or college basketball match.

Future bets are a type of wager where players predict winners before the event begins. For this college basketball tournament, that means betting on the eventual winner or potential Final Four teams in the tournament. As you are betting so far in advance, the returns on futures bets can be relatively high. The earlier you submit your futures bets, the better the odds will be.

Another exotic bet is a prop bet. This is wagering on whether or not a particular event will occur. For example, you could bet which player you think will score first or over/under rebounds for a player.

How Do Brackets Work For March Madness?

You have likely filled out a March Madness bracket in the past. It is a social event, so we presume your friends have created a bracket tournament or an annual pool in your office. Brackets are becoming more prominent every year; consequently, there are more options to bet money on them. The majority of legal sportsbooks will offer free and paid bracket pools.

A free bracket pool involves filling out a bracket through a sportsbook app. Some pools will have a potential cash prize awarded to the top finishing bracket. Others will share the prize pool amongst a certain amount of brackets at the top of the leaderboard. Typically these prize pools come from sponsors, and there is no buy-in required before submitting the bracket.

A paid bracket is not too dissimilar to a free bracket. The difference is you have to pay a buy-in fee to enter the contest. All of these buy-ins get added to the prize pool, and some top finishers will share the winnings.

Making a decent profit from brackets is very challenging. The more accurate you are predicting the games, the more points you will accrue. The deeper you go into the tournament, each game is worth more points. To be an outright winner, you need to accurately select the winner and choose multiple final four teams accurately.

As in most sporting contests, there are often upsets, which makes brackets particularly difficult. Typically big-name schools lose in the opening round every year, and by the first weekend, your bracket could be busted.

March Madness Bet Types

Although brackets can feel impossible, luckily, you can still bet on March Madness on a game-by-game basis. Once you have submitted your bracket, you cannot edit it. However, if you bet on a game individually, you can adjust your bet. Additionally, wagering on games individually means there are more betting options available to you.

Some of the betting options if you are wagering on a game-by-game basis include:

  • Moneyline
  • Spread
  • Props
  • Total
  • Live Betting

Live betting has surged in popularity in recent years. It adds some excitement to the gambling experience as you are wagering on a game after it’s already started. The odds continuously change, reflecting what is happening in the game, keeping you on your toes.

Indiana Schools In March Madness

There are different teams involved in this NCAA basketball event each year. However, Indiana-based colleges typically always appear. The below teams are very likely to appear in the 2024 version of the tournament.

  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • Indiana Hoosiers
  • Butler Bulldogs

Notre Dame Fighting Irish March Madness

The odds on the above colleges and other Indiana teams will be exactly the same or very similar to the Vegas odds. However, it might be the case that Indiana schools offer less value due to hometown fans lumping money on their favorite teams.

March Madness Betting Tips

Due to the nature of sport and this tournament, in particular, trying to predict winners is tough. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to win any money, and you cannot develop a March Madness betting strategy.

For example, across the board, higher-seeded teams tend to do well. Upsets do and will occur, but a one-seed has won the NCAA Championship 15.7% of the time. Two-seed and three-seed teams also perform well, winning 3.6% and 2.9% of the time, respectively. Additionally, 40.7% of one-seeds make the Final Four, so you can see seeded teams are likely to hang around.

Another tip is to ensure you check out the betting lines before filling out your bracket. The spreads will reveal where bettors believe the upsets will occur. If you personally feel a game will be tight, but the spread is double digits, you may need a re-think. Alternatively, if the lower ranked team is only a slight underdog, this has the potential for an upset.


How much money does March Madness bring in?

The annual NCAA tournament generates more nearly $1 billion in ad revenue alone. The event makes up more than 70 percent of the NCAA’s annual revenue.

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